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Ans. Internet is now the largest and effective media website thus acts as medium by which we can present ourselves in this new media.

Main benefits of owning a website are:

  • Improved customer confidence
  • Improved corporate image..
  • Increased state.
  • Get global approach.
  • Easy and safe communication.
  • Much more economical.

Ans: Factors determining the cost

Project size: How big is the website i.e. How many pages and sub links are required? Graphics: this section consists of features like logo designing, photo scanning and editing? Animation: here we develop small animation, Flash intro of website or total flash based website. Functionality: The level of database interactivity used in the website.

Thus, it is not possible to quote the rate until and unless we know your requirement. We have included a facility to give the cost estimates if you give us all the required inflammation by filling the form.

Ans: To develop a website firstly we gather max information from your about the subject of the website. Now, our web designers prepare a graphical layout of your website which is shown to you for approval it. The concept the design is approved our website developers take this design, together with, textual matter and technical utilities and complete build a website and will be go for test run.

At this stage again we show you the complete website when we are 100% sure that the design, development, graphics and textual setting are of your liking we a lot you a domain name ( that too of your choice and required amount of web space to host your website.

Finally, your website is hosted and it becomes line! However, at this stage too it is not simple for your clients to reach up to you. To facilitate this we submit your website to search engines and web directions.

Please note, there is a time lag between, submitting a new website and its appearing on the search engine.

Ans: Of course, we assist all are clients to achieve top ranking in search engines like yahoo, google, alta vista, hot bot, search it etc.

Ans: Many website are being built each day so each website needs web promotion aids to reach to its target client. Web promotion is an integral part of a web solution, it involves developing the right meta tags for a website, right submission to search engines etc. our dedicated team of search engine promotion professional have experiences and knowledge to maintain top position of a website in renowned search engines.

Ans: Yes, we offer both annual maintenance contract and hourly rates which ever suits our clients. Information on the site must remain current and accurate. We at Rangoli Creations are always ready to work with you to continually update you website.

Ans: yes, we do offer above state facilities for details on each please visit the appropriate links on our website. We offer packages to fit all budgets.

Ans: A domain name is an alias of an IP number, since IP numbers are hard to remember like, it is easy to remember by name. When you register a domain name you have a web address on World Wide Web, if you register then you will have an address like

Ans: After our executives contact you they will offer you an all-inclusive package, so you don't have to worry about anything everything will be done by us, but in case you just want to register your domain name or you are contacting us online then, you should select a domain name that best suits your business i.e a name which is easy to remember and which your clients can identify with.

Ans: Domain name size and Characters Allowed

Domain name can be of maximum 67 characters, consisting of letters, numbers and ("-") sign.

Commonly used extensions for Domain Names The most commonly used extensions are

  • COM
  • For Business, companies, commercial etc
  • .ORG
  • For Organizations
  • .NET
  • For Network
  • .EDU For Educational sites

Ans: You can have as many as you want.

Ans: If you register your domain with us it will cost you Rs. 650 per year but if you opt for Website Package you will get a free domain name hosted with us.

Ans: Domain name once registered cannot be changed, so if you want a new name then you have to register a new domain.

Ans: Yes you can forward the domain to another website, while registering the domain with us just send an email at or Open a ticket at and we will do the rest for you.

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